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Mission Statement

The mission of the Green Bay Water Utility is to provide an adequate supply of high quality, potable water at reasonable cost to the residences and businesses of Green Bay. We are dedicated to supplying friendly, convenient, and dependable service. We will attempt to understand our customers' needs in order to assure their satisfaction.

Unidirectional Flushing (UDF)


Flushing is completed for the Green Bay Water Utility.

During the 10 months of field work we flushed 436.4 miles of water main with fairly minimal incidents overall.  The following are some interesting facts about the flushing program:  we flushed 2,173 different sequences, operated 3,372 total valves and 3,095 total hydrants, operated 2,788 different valves and 2,424 different hydrants.

A UDF plan, as opposed to routine water main flushing, is a process of closing valves and opening hydrants to direct clean water down a single water main, thus creating a velocity that can scour the pipe and remove sediments from the bottom of the pipe.  


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