What Should I Do if I Am Concerned About Lead in My Water?

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If you are concerned that your family is at risk, view the map or browse addresses to find out if your home is at risk. Contact us for more information.

General tips

A certified plumber can tell you for sure if you have a lead service line or lead plumbing inside of your home. Green Bay Water Utility has also prepared downloadable instructions on How to identify a lead water service line on your own. 

  • Water Service Lines
  • Inside-the-Home Plumbing
    • Older brass faucets with lead content can be found in newer homes
    • Check for lead solder in your internal pipes and look for fixtures containing lead

The only way to know with certainty if you have lead at the tap is to have your water tested by one of the State of Wisconsin certified lead testing laboratories.

Here are some other steps you can take to protect your family:

  • Let it Run! Running your water for one to two minutes until it is cold and reaches a steady temperature replaces standing water in your pipes with fresh water.
  • It’s better if it’s cold. Hot water disturbs lead particulate that may be present. Use cold water for drinking, cooking and preparing baby formula.
  • If you are uncomfortable with this, you may want to purchase bottled water for cooking and drinking or add a filtering device until your lead content level is resolved. If you add a filtering device, be sure to change the filter according to directions.
  • If you have an icemaker, we recommend not using it until your lead service is replaced, or you put a filtering device on your intake valve. If you add a filtering device, be sure to change the filter according to directions.
  • Your water is safe for bathing, laundry, cleaning and watering plants.
  • You can find more guidance on www.DrinkTap.org.

Lead and children

Lead comes from many sources. Green Bay drinking water is safe; it is the service lines we are working to replace. However, if you are concerned about lead exposure in your child, have his or her blood tested.  The Brown County Health Department or your healthcare provider can help you with this.

I want to get my water tested.