Water Quality

At Green Bay Water Utility, our first job is to protect the families we serve. Those of us involved in managing, cleaning and delivering water share a solemn obligation to protect public health. In the U.S., no one should have to question the safety of water at the tap, and it has always been our goal to deliver the high-quality water our customers deserve.

Green Bay Water Utility remains vigilant and proactive in its efforts to ensure the delivery of safe drinking water to our customers. We are not content to simply comply with regulations. We observe the letter of the law and embrace the spirit of it.

Water Treatment Process

Green Bay’s source water is drawn from Lake Michigan. Green Bay Water Utility treats the water through a multi-step process. The finished water that enters the Green Bay distribution system meets or exceeds all federal guidelines for safety.

Consumer Confidence Reports

Green Bay Water Utility regularly tests of samples taken from our distribution system to ensure your water is safe, and prepares a Consumer Confidence Report that is sent annually to all of our customers.

Get the Lead Out

Green Bay Water Utility is committed to getting the lead out. Fewer than 3.5 percent of our customers are currently impacted by lead service lines, and it is our goal to eliminate all lead service lines from our system.