Frozen Water Pipes



If you receive a phone call from the Green Bay Water Utility or a red door hanger regarding a freeze problem, you can follow the instructions below on how to let your water run to prevent your water service lateral from freezing.  We will be asking you for a reading off of our meter and the date that you start letting your water run.  This information is needed so that we can credit you for any additional water use.  You can provide this information to us by either calling, email or go to our website.  We also would like to know if you are going on a trip or will not be home for an extended period of time.


How much water should I run?

  • Only a small stream of water from a single faucet is needed (about the width of a pencil) just enough to fill a 12 oz. soda can within 1 minute or a gallon jug within 10 minutes.
  • Please check the faucet periodically to ensure that the flow rate hasn't diminished, or that it was not accidentally turned off.  The water should run continuously until we contact you to turn it off. 
  • An infrequently used sink (i.e., a utility sink in the basement) is a good choice so that you can adjust the flow and leave it running.

Instructions for reading your meter:

  • Locate the meter in the basement (near piping and outside access)
  • Write down the meter numbers (ex. 000099) as they appear on the meter- include 0's or 9's
  • Write down the date (mm/dd/year) you took the meter reading and started to let the water run
  • Write down your address (ex. 631 S. Adams St)


Address:________________________________________               meter

Meter Read Number:___________________________________  meter read 

Provide the information either by:

  • Call us with the information at 920-448-3480  



Will I get a credit on my bill for water used?

Customers who were instructed to run water will receive a credit, starting from the date that they were directly notified by the Water Utility representative.  This credit will include both water and sewer.  You will only receive a credit if you received a direct notification from us to run your water.

When should I stop running my water?

You should continue to run water until further notice, even if the air temperature outside is above freezing.  We will contact you by phone or door hanger to stop running your water.  When we contact you to stop running your water, we will need the date that you stopped it and another reading off of our meter.  This will ensure that we can process your water and sewer credit in a timely and accurate manner.

What should I do if I'm leaving town?

If the property will be vacant for a week or longer, please consider contacting us at (920)448-3480 to have your water shut off at the street.  Even when water is left running, vacant properties are at a higher risk for frozen laterals.

What should I do if I think that my water service lateral is frozen?

Please contact us at (920)448-3480

Visit our webpage on problem areas, warning signals and tips on FREEZING PIPES PREVENTION