Restoration after a water project

The Green Bay Water Utility performs routine and emergency maintenance throughout the City to maintain safe and reliable drinking water. As part of this work, concrete sidewalk, driveway, or grass terraces (the portion between the sidewalk and curb) may be directly affected by the work. The restoration of these materials in front of your property is completed by a contractor hired by the City of Green Bay's Department of Public Works. The single contractor progresses through the entire City by regions; a map of individual regions of the City is shown below. We appreciate your patience during the time between the maintenance by GBWU and the concrete/lawn restoration by DPW’s contractor.

The restoration contractor is currently working within the NW Region of the City. Click here to view a map of the quadrants of the City.

city quadrants jpg image

If you have a specific question or concern about the restoration of your property, please call the City of Green Bay Department of Public Works at (920) 448-3100.