Department Contacts

General Manager:
Nancy Quirk 920-448-3499

Business Manager:
For Customer Billing, Address Changes, Payment Options, Accounts Payable, and Finance
Stephanie Rogers 920-448-3480

Distribution Manager:
To report water leaks, damaged fire hydrants/valve boxes, and for any questions regarding water mains, hydrants, service laterals, valves, or gate boxes
Jason Maes 920-448-3480

Engineering Services Manager:
Brian Powell 920-448-3497

Metering and Customer Service
For Customer Service staff, Cross Connection Surveys, or Meter Issues
Steve Koss 920-448-3480

Supply Maintenance Manager:
For concerns about Water Utility Buildings, Water Towers, and Reservoirs
Tom Landwehr 920-448-3480

Water Quality Manager:
Russ Hardwick 920-845-2031